About Sandwich Cat


The Cap-sac was originally created in 1989 by Barbara Aceti, but with no means of marketing or distributing this brilliant product, the Cap-sacs sat, unseen and unsold, in boxes that lined the hallway in her house. And there they stayed for two decades, until 2009, when Barbara's daughter Jessica decided to bring the Cap-sac back to life by marketing and distributing the product through... The INTERNET!
Today, the Cap-sac line has expanded to include visors, pac-sacs and T-shirts, and new product ideas are cropping up all the time. The company is still a mother/daughter-run business, based in Seattle, Washington, whose mission is to bring fun to the people!
We love hearing from fans of Cap-sac, so please send us photos of you and your friends wearing Cap-sacs, or just drop us a line to say hello. To all of you, from all (both) of us at Cap-sac: Thank you and happy sac-ing!